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My priority is to make high quality instruments and effects that are straight forward and easy to use. Meaning very little learning curve so you can start using my instruments and effects to make amazing music right from the start. My goal is to always sell my paid instruments and effects at very affordable costs. And to always have a great selection of free instruments and effects. Because here at Devil Soundz I believe in the music not just the dollars. The money helps so I can put more time into Devil Soundz so I can continue to make amazing instruments and effects. Besides my family the only other passion I have is music. And I want as many people that I can to get involved in music. Music is a great emotional outlet in a world that is consumed with a lot of negativity. Music has helped me in my own life tremendously and I just want to spread what has helped me get through my life a lot easier to others that share the same passion. Making beats, making my instruments and effects, writing and singing lyrics helps to keep me calm and let out some emotions and keeps me productive in a positive way that I really can't do in any other way other than music. So my goal is always make high quality instruments and effects for free or at a very affordable cost. So that I can spread what has and still helps me to as many people as possible. So I hope you guys can enjoy what you download for free or buy. And I hope it helps you in the same way it helps me. Thank you for being a part and supporting Devil Soundz.

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