New in version 1.7 Improved reverb. 40 new waveforms. New in version 1.8 3 new filter types. A brand new modulation matrix with 7 modulation slots per oscillator. A larger GUI. New in version 1.8.1 Fixed LP1 and HP 1 filters because they were not sounding right. Removed modulation target filter res because it was crashing Devil. But when I can work out the kinks it will be back in Devil. New in version 1.8.2 I have fixed the issue with the instruments when loaded back up in your DAW the instruments were not playing the modulation matrix output. Minor adjustments to the reverb and volume. New in version 1.8.3 I have now fixed the issue 100% where the instruments when loaded back up in your DAW. The instruments were not playing the modulation matrix output. New in version 1.8.4 Added a wave shaper per oscillator. A few internal enhancements to the reverb for a better quality reverb. New in version A few bug fixes and internal changes. New in version A few internal changes. Made the reverb sound much better. Fixed a problem with the oscillator mixer. Fixed sequencer timing issues. New in version 1.8.5 Quite a few internal enhancements. Some bug fixes. Added 2 modulation envelopes. Added 2 modulation envelopes to the modulation matrix. Added 2 new outputs to the modulation matrix which include filter resonance and velocity. New in version Worked on reverb not working. Sounds much better now. New in version 1.9 Fixed: Velocity not working on oscillator 2. Now the velocity control works to control the velocity on oscillator 2. Added feature: Added an append switch in properties tab to append the same wave form on to the same waveform for making the waveform a higher frequency. Added feature: Added distortion to the modulation matrix output per oscillator. Added feature: Redesigned all the waveforms. Now waveforms are also 1024 samples. Added feature: added 20 new waveforms per oscillator. Added feature: redesigned wave shaper. Now the wave shaper changes are displayed in the waveform display. Lowerd CPU usage quite a bit. Fixed: Envelopes not retriggering on every note. Now all envelopes including modulation envelopes retrigger on every new note. New in version 1.9.1 Fixed: Pops and clicks. There are no longer any pops and clicks. Fixed: Append crashing some DAW's when selecting on and off when audio is playing. New in version 1.9.2 Fixed: Volume getting lower when distortion is used. Messed around with the unison and made it sound better. Changed: Waveforms 004, 016 and 066 because they were to close to the same waveforms as some other waveforms. New in version 1.9.3 Fixed: Distortion is now fixed. Now sounds better with modulations and doesn't have unwanted artifacts. Adjusted volume for a more even volume level. Fixed: Sequencer timing. Now the sequencer timing is correct.
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