Devil is a 2x over sampled oscillator analog synthesizer capable of producing a broad variety of instruments. Devil has lots of features like 100 wave forms per oscillator at 1024 samples, a 16 step sequencer per oscillator, unison control per oscillator, drawable envelopes for volume per oscillator, a filter per oscillator with 5 filter types which include LP1, LP2, HP1, HP2 and Bandpass filter, a modulation matrix per oscillator with 7 slots with 5 inputs and 7 outputs (inputs include: sequencer, LFO 1, LFO 2, MOD Envelope 1 and MOD Envelope 2)(outputs include: oscillator volume, oscillator phase, oscillator pitch, filter frequency, filter resonance, velocity and distortion). Devil also has a wave shaper per oscillator for even more control over the wave forms. Devil also has built in effects like reverb, chorus, stereo widener, and distortion. Devil has one master volume knob for adjusting the overall volume. Devil also has a properties tab per oscillator that include a 2 band EQ for adjusting the lows and highs, a curve switch for defining the curvature of the waveform straight or curved, an append switch for doubling the waveform by appending the same waveform to the same waveform to make the frequency of the waveform higher, a smooth highs slider which smooths off the high end of the oscillator leaving only what highs you want in your instrument, a saturation slider for adding saturation to the waveform and a velocity slider for adding momentum to your instrument. Devil is great for rap, house, techno, dubstep and trap music. So go ahead and buy it today. You will definitely love making instruments with Devil. Devil is very affordable but if you want to take it for a test drive first go ahead and download the demo. NOTE x64 BIT VERSION COMING SOON If you would like to hear some beats made with Devil you can check out my Devil Soundz YouTube Channel. My YouTube channel will have all my latest beats, videos and info about Devil. And don’t forget to like and subscribe.
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Devil 1.9.3 Download Windows x32 Demo Anyone who purchases Devil gets lifetime free updates. $25.00
Minimum Requirements Quad Core CPU running at 2.2GHz, 4 GB of RAM, 1280x720 screen resolution.