New in version 2.7 Made quite a few changes in this version in fact pretty much redone the whole VSTi but now you can get even better sounding basses. Redone the GUI plus the GUI is larger. New in version 2.8 Fixed problems with the vibes feature now works 100% the way it is suppose to. Added an extra base frequency. A few other internal changes to make the basses sound better. New in version 2.8.1 A few internal enhancements. A few bug fixes. New in version 2.9 Fixed: Envelope retrigger. Now the envelopes retrigger on every new note. Added feature: Added a saturation knob for adding saturation to the basses. Opened up the frequency range of the 2 band EQ for better mid basses. Adjusted the kick frequency. Adjusted how much you can mix the kick into the basses. Raised cutoff high end for better mid basses. Redone all waveforms. Now all waveforms are 1024 samples. Added feature: 10 extra waveforms. New in version 2.9.1 Replaced waves special 6, special 7, special 8, special 9, special 10. Tightened up the kick feature. Now is more blended with the bass tone. New in version 2.9.2 Adjusted volume. Adjusted tone. Now Devil Bass Module has more even tone for better and a more variety of basses. Adjusted filter cutoff range for more variety of mid and high basses. Added a filter draw envelope for more variety of basses. New in version 3.0 Added x64 bit support. Added a filter type selector with 6 different filter types. Added a voices selector to select however many voices you want to use. Changed some internal things with the kick feature. Now it is much better. Adds that right amount of punch at the beginning of the bass if you want it in your bass. Opened up the filter cutoff range for better mid and high basses. Adjusted the LFO speed to get faster LFO's. Took away LFO and filter envelopes and added 2 modulation envelopes. Added a modulation matrix with 4 sources and 4 destinations and 7 slots total. Added a 16 step sequencer. New in version 3.1 Replaced multi stage envelopes with drawable adsr's. New in version 3.1.1 A few bug fixes Quite a few internal enhancements
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