Devil Bass Module is definitely what you want for creating smooth vibrant basses for your beats. Devil Bass Module has a lot of features including 2 oscillators with waveforms that are 1024 samples. Oscillator one has four basic waveforms including sine, triangle, saw and square. Oscillator two has 32 waveforms which are mixed waveforms of sine, triangle, saw and square and ten waveforms that are labeled as special which are waveforms that are not mixes of sine, triangle, saw and square. Devil Bass Module also has more features which include an LFO with speed and depth knobs, a tone knob for adjusting the tone, a 2 band EQ for adjusting the low and high end of your basses, the 2 band EQ has a pressure knob for adding that extra pressure to the low and high end, a distortion knob for adding a little extra flare to your basses, a phat knob for adding extra vibrancy and warmth to your basses, a filter frequency selector for choosing your base frequency of your basses, a vibes selector for choosing what type of vibe and feel you want your basses to have, a cutoff knob for adjusting the filter cutoff frequency, a frequency selector for choosing the base frequency of your basses, a filter type for selecting which filter you would like your bass to use, a voices selector for selecting how many voices you want your basses to have, a kick knob for adding that extra punch to the beginning of your basses, a velocity knob for changing the speed of your basses, a saturation knob for adding saturation to your basses and a drawable adsr envelope for the volume. Devil Bass Module also has 2 drawable adsr modulation envelopes for use with the modulation matrix, a modulation matrix with 4 sources and 4 destinations (sources include: sequencer, LFO, and 2 drawable adsr modulation envelopes)(destinations: include: tone, filter, distortion and velocity), Devil Bass Module also has a 16 step sequencer that is rout-able with the modulation matrix. So needless to say Devil Bass Module has so many features that can make all sorts of basses from heart pounding low basses to heart stopping high basses. If you want to get your bass tracks right Devil Bass Module is the synthesizer you need for sure. So buy it today and start making your beats with awesome basses today. But if you want to take it for a test drive first then you can download the demo to the left. There are x32 bit and x64 bit versions. If you would like to hear some beats made with Devil Bass Module you can check out my Devil Soundz YouTube Channel. My YouTube channel will have all my latest beats, videos and info about Devil Bass Module. And don’t forget to like and subscribe.
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Devil Bass Module 3.1.1 Download Windows x32 Demo Download Windows x64 Demo Anyone who purchases Devil Bass Module gets lifetime free updates. $20.00
Minimum Requirements Quad Core CPU running at 2.2GHz, 4 GB of RAM, 1280x720 screen resolution.