New in version 1.6.1 A few internal enhancements making the reverb quality better. A few GUI changes. New in version 1.6.2 A few internal enhancements for a better reverb quality. New in version A few bug fixes and internal changes. New in version 1.6.3 Enhancments to the reverb. The reverb quality is much better in this version. New in version Made a minor change to the volume. New in version 1.7 Made some internal changes. Added a base freq knob for adjusting the base frequency. Added a freq q for adjusting the freq q of the reverb. Added a selector for selecting the starting freq of the reverb. New in version 1.7.1 A few internal changes and enhancements for the best sounding reverb that Devil Reverb has sounded like as of yet. New in version 1.7.2 A change to the volume mix of the reverb. Made the reverb have better harmonics. Fixed: stereo left and right offset. Now the left and right stereo channels are the same volume for whatever starting reverb frequency you choose. New in version 2.0 Added x64 bit support. Reworked reverb engine now reverb sounds much much better with better harmonics and better saturation. Fixed: Took away unwanted artifacts like aliasing and distortions and what not. A few internal enhancements.
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