New in version 1.8 Improved reverb quality to add better ambiance to your vocal tracks. New in version 1.8.1 New GUI. New in version 1.8.2 A few internal enhancements now you can have less or even more reverb saturation. A few GUI changes. New in version 1.8.3 A few internal enhancements for a better reverb quality. New in version A few bug fixes and internal changes. New in version A couple internal changes. New in version Made a minor change to the volume. New in version 1.8.4 Added feature: Added a frequency range with low frequency and high frequency knobs to adjust the frequency range of the reverb. Adjusted a few internal settings for better sounding reverb quality. New in version 2.0 Added x64 bit support. Added a frequency selector for matching the frequency to your voice whether you have a deep to high voice or anything in between. Reworked the whole reverb engine. Now it is much much better. More vibrant more smooth and can match any voice. Plus got rid of all the unwanted artifacts (distortions and aliasing and what not). Opened up the saturation range. Now you can add more saturation if you would like without the reverb tail. New in version 2.0.1 A few internal enhancements. Added: added more base frequency ranges to be able to match more voice types. Added: Vocal saturation selector.
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