Vocal Reverb works seamlessly with your vocals. Vocal Reverb has that perfect ambiance and tone to fit your vocals it doesn't have a long after tone (or tail) either. So when you use Vocal Reverb it sounds just like your voice but adds just that right amount of ambiance to your vocal tracks. You can add just a little saturation or a lot of saturation depending on how you want your vocal tracks to sound all without the tail or taking away from how your voice really sounds. You can also set the base frequency to match whether you have a deep voice or high voice or anything in between. So go ahead and buy it today and get your vocal tracks sounding great. If you would like to try it first then you can download the demo and take it for a test run. There are x32 bit and x64 bit versions. If you would like to hear some beats made with Vocal Reverb you can check out my Devil Soundz YouTube Channel. My YouTube channel will have all my latest beats, videos and info about Vocal Reverb. And don’t forget to like and subscribe.
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Vocal Reverb 2.0.1 Download Windows x32 Demo Download Windows x64 Demo Anyone who purchases Vocal Reverb gets lifetime free updates. $15.00
Minimum Requirements Quad Core CPU running at 1.6GHz, 4 GB of RAM, 800x600 screen resolution.